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No request is too big or too small as we aim to entertain our valuable customers even if you just want to break away for the weekend, fish or to spend time in nature with your camera. The Joubert family is part of the hunting industry for the past 25 years and we strive in people or client satisfaction and are proud that our customers return year after year.

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We are not all about hunting we are here to give you the best experience under the African sky's. Beautiful sunsets and scenery will also give visual pleasure to a hiker, photographers or casual visitors lounging at the lodges, tent camps, lapas or sparkling blue swimming pools.


A hunting safari in South Africa/Sub Saharah Africa is sure to be a thrilling experience, whether you are interested in the Big Five or in plains game hunting or simply visiting our sunny country. We have the experience and infrastructure to make your African hunting safari a memorable  one. Current hot destinations are four of South Africa's most sought-after hunting areas, namely the Limpopo bush veldt, Eastern Cape, Eastern Free State and the Lowveld area near the Kruger National Park.

“Nulla vestibulum eleifend turpis nisi, venenatis non accumsan nec, i mperdiet laoreet, lacus purus est”

- Maecenas amet


At South African Hunting Safaris we pride ourselves for ethical fair chase hunting in the greater part of South Africa for both bow and rifle hunters as well as the visitor that just wanting to experience nature, birds, climate and warm kind people.  

South Africa is known for its Fauna and Flora and is a very popular destination for Hunters globally. We have access to large hunting concessions beyond our borders in the wildest parts of Africa and all our professional hunters were carefully selected for their experience  and expertise.

We strive to offer our clients the best African visit and therefore we have invested a lot of time to compile extraordinary destinations. We offer a pure hunting experience to all, from the first time hunter to the more experienced including families and individuals that has special circumstances. We offer a wide selection of species from plains game to the more exotic and dangerous.

To ensure the client the full hunting experience all hunting is done on foot in the spirit of fair chase except special hunts but the focus is still on a good, save hunting expedition.